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Expert Care

Why choose Eye Tactics?

Established in 2014 Eye Tactics Lash Lift Studio is the first salon of its kind in Nevada to exclusively offer lash perming services. With over 12 years experience, we don’t just offer lash lift services — it’s all we do! We are proud trailblazers in redefining the salon industry by offering women precisely what they want: simplicity and service. We are masters in our craft with results that clearly distinguish us from traditional multi-service salons. Our designer formula Lash He2 and unique processing method guarantee beautiful, long lasting and most importantly HEALTHY results.

As a guest in our studio every service is performed in a private bay specially designed to maximize your comfort while delivering a safe and relaxing area free from distraction.

  • Quiet salon

  • Private treatment rooms

  • Voice activated music on demand

  • 75 min process

  • Completely safe: No burning, itching or irritation during procedure

  • Guarenteed results