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Faq & Help

What are the benefits of lash perming?

Effortlessly dark and lifted lashes from day to night achieved through a simple and relaxing 90 minute session, paired with no post maintenance isa major benefit of lash perming and the reason many clients prefer it over eyelash extensions.The right candidates for lash perming is customer looking for a dramatic change to the appearance of there natural lashes. This customer gravitates to ‘no attachments’ up keep regime and loathes time consuming beauty routines.

Who isn't a good perm candidate?

A client who has lash extension on should have them completely removed prior to receiving a lash perm. Clients with severely damaged lashes, bald spots eye infections or blisters should not get a perm. Extremely twitchy or high anxiety personalities are generally not good candidates.

Will perming damage my eyelashes?

At Eye Tactics Lash Lift Studio perming isn’t just one of MANY services we provide it’sALL we do and safety is our priority! Eyelash perming is a chemical treatment and the way to get the best treatment is to see a professional that specializes in lash perming.When you choose Eye Tactics Lash Lift Studio you can rest assured that you’re getting a trained expert and not an amateur.As with any cosmetic product, food, supplements, or medication, it’s always wise to keep in mind that allergies can appear suddenly. If this is something you’re concerned about ask your technician to do a patch test a day or so before your lash perm.

How long does it last?

Most clients report results lasting from 4-6 weeks while some have experienced results for up to 2 months.

I'm worried that my lashes will be too curly, can I choose my perm style?

We are lash perming experts, so whatever your desired outcome we can achieve it!During your consultation we will discuss your goals and offer a platform recommendation. That’s right-we offer 5 different perming platforms to accomplish both lift or curl… The choice is yours!

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