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Established in 2014 Eye Tactics is proud to be the first Lash Lift Studio based in LasVegas. Our studio specializes in lash lift transforming lifeless straight lashes into perfectly lifted and dark lashes, without the use of eyelash curlers and alleviating the need for eyelash extensions.Lash He2®isa patented formula exclusive to our studio, it contains keratin and other nourishing elements that promote healthier lashes and deliver incomparable results. The procedure takes only 75 minutes to complete, lasts for 6 weeks and costs only $85. Lash lift has women making the switch from eyelash extensions and saying goodbye to maintenance while saving money and enjoying a restriction free cosmetic enhancement.

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  • Basic
  • $ 85 75 Minutes
  • We have developed our own lash lift keratin treatment called Lash He2. This beauty procedure is for anyone with healthy lashes. – This procedure is 60 minutes – This service does not include tinting


  • Premium
  • $ 100 75 Minutes
  • Take your lift to new heights with this post deep conditioning treatment that locks in hydration and extends the vibrance of color treated lashes, perfectly finished with an ultra hydrating keratin glaze.


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Ultimate Value
Low Maintenance & High Returns

Lash He2® keratin Lift is the ultimate value in eyelash enhancement when compared to eyelash extensions that require touch up’s (fills) every 2-3 weeks.Our client’s return every 6-8 weeks with no required maintenance between visits–Now that’s ultimate value!

Keep The Change
Affordable, Long Lasting Results

Lash He2® keratin Lift is the champion of change! Our clients enjoy hundreds of dollars in savings monthly after making the switch from eyelash extensions–And that’s CHANGE you can believe in

Why Pay For Pain?
Beauty Doesn’t Have To Hurt

Lash He2® keratin Lift is a painless 75 minute procedure suitable for those with sensitive eyes unlike eyelash extension glues that can be toxic and cause severe allergic reactions

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Beauty bloggers ad make-up mavens are raving about Lash He2®. These are the top3 reasons why women and men everywhere are choosing our keratin lash lift over eyelash extensions:

Low Maintenance - No Restrictions 0

Affordable & Amazing Results 0

Previous Allergic Reactions To Toxic Extension Glue 0

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I had a very upsetting phone call right before I arrived but once I got in, she was calming and changed my state of mind with quiet atmosphere and kind nurturing. I don’t have much to work with, but am pleased with the outcome today.

-Phyllis C.

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We are so proud of our brand and grateful to our loyal clients for your continued trust and support. We invite you to take a moment and read a few testimonials about their experience and results.



"So Glad I Found Her"

When I say she knows lashes, I mean she knows her lashes! Healthy and lifted lashes is exactly what I walked out with and I’m so glad I found her. Do yourself a favor and don’t go to these cheap Groupon deals for a lash lift before you get fried up lashes like I did.

-Jaime C.



"I Couldn't Be Happier"

I have NEVER done anything to my lashes and I barely wear make up. Going into the salon made me nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Fast forward 5 min>>> I was So relieved, relaxed, happy, satisfied etc. She made me so comfortable...

-Sumi T.



Very Professional and Thorough

Tialutrell was very professional and very thorough with the whole process. She took the time to explain and answer any of my questions or concerns and she also took the time to make sure I was comfortable and that my results were up to her standards. Amazing work!

-Amaya T.